Hungarian Suzuki Plc. – Installing redundant controller based wireless network


Operation of a perfect Wi-Fi coverage in the spare part storehouse is essential for our client’s main activity. Due to the continuous expansion of the storehouse the level of the service quality declined so we were charged to find a solution for the emerged situation.


During the reconstruction of the storehouse it was not the primary viewpoint to form it in an ideal way for the operation of a wireless network. In addition the stored materials and the storage systems made the coverage, sufficient at that time, considerably worse.


We used Airmagnet Survey program to survey the coverage and the signal to noise ratio. We could make a complex analysis on the environment by this solution. Based on the prior examinations by choosing the passive measuring system we inspected the whole area of the hall. We determined that beside the metal structures’, the wireless telephones’ disturbing effect is also considerable.

Bidding and the first realisation  
After the first survey we thought that this situation needed a controller-based solution flexibly adapting to the altering environment. By our client’s requirement we made a plan including independent access points.  Even though we tried to find the most effective solution: while placing the access points we took care of setting them to their most optimal places, and we synchronized their radio parameters as well. Since it was about low bandwidth we chose fault-tolerant, low transfer rate. Increasing the number of the access points, replacements and synchronizing delivered the required result which suited our clients’ needs.

Controller purchase and the second realisation
Our client at his second request indicated his demand for forming a completely controlled environment. We started the work with a survey again, and based on that we realised that the Wi-Fi clients had difficulty in adapting to moving without roaming in the network. They could hardly connect to certain access points, for the successful connection even the clients restarting was necessary. We offered redundant controller pair to ensure the continuous operation. We increased the number of the access points, and split their feeding into two parts therefore in case of missing one division the wireless network remains available.  

Building up  
We started the work with expanding the structured cabling .Based on our prior information all the existing access points supported the controlled mode, we had to do software update on them. Going through the network the reconstruction went on step by step, later we simulated all the possible options for failure. The outages were followed by subjective survey made with the clients of the customer. After the building up the roaming problems discontinued, and due to the redundant implementation, besides the operative safety, the covered area expanded as well.

Applied solutions

  • RouteOP network operation
  • RouteSYS system integration
  • Cisco wireless solutions