Enternet – Building a new server room

In 2007 we were requested by Enternet to build up the data network in their new server room.


The new server room was planned to be on an area surrounded by glass windows with a representative purpose of using it as a kind of showroom as well for the existing and the potential clients.


In order to reach that goal we had to pay attention over the professional viewpoints to the aesthetic design as well. Our commission was over building the data network, to build up the connected high-voltage network, and to transport and install the shelf system for storing the servers.


Finally a black colour shelf system was placed into the room lit by colour lights resulted in impressive overall view. We built up the data network with Category 6 FTP parts, the highest quality parts available that time by optical trunk support between the racks. We used Legrand system parts for connecting high-voltage supply network by equipping high-voltage plugs with their own MCBs to all the data network endpoints. The Legrand Mosaic-type data and high-voltage fittings were encased into Legrand LDP cable channels together with the MCBs. Having met the very strict deadline we succeeded in handing over the network which got a NATO qualification a year later.

Applied solutions