PR-TELECOM Plc. – Creating and operating the system of localized, service provider’s telephone  

PR-TELECOM is one of Hungary’s considerable cable television, internet and telephone service providers. In 2007 the board of the company decided to develop its telephone service.


PR-TELECOM entrusted us with creating a completely self-contained telephone service system based on modern technical base, providing a fault-tolerant and scalable solution.


At starting the project PR-TELECOM was operating as a virtual service provider on top of a system of an other service provider, and provided localized subscriber telephone service through solely DOCSIS systems. For the build-up of the stand-alone system we had to accomplish the following tasks: 
  • fitting devices (MGCP/NCS, PacketCable DQOS) placed at the subscribers
  • installing links with co-providers (SS7)  
  • creating local KRA (central porting database of Hungary)
  • planning fault-tolerant system with redundancy
  • CDR (call-system) pricing system (CMCPS)
  • creating a system (CMCPS)  which provides the layer between the operational service provider system and the existing customer-management and invoicing system (EcoSoft)  


at the beginning of 2007 –The elaborating of the realization of the project started followed by planning and implementing the tasks soon. 
December 2007- The service provider’s telephone system was completed.
March 2008- Connecting tests (SS7) with two co-providers were carried out successfully.
June 15, 2008 – The service was successfully started.
At that time PR-TELECOM possessed a few thousand telephone subscribers. After clearing the initial problems away the system has operated remarkably stable and besides the planned few-minute long maintenances there haven’t been any outages.
In 2010 besides DOCSIS, PR-TELECOM started its service on GPON access networks as well. On these systems on the access devices we already use SIP protocols. In the meantime we changed over SS7 to IP based (SIP) connection with the co-providers. At present the system ensures a high-quality service for tens of thousands of clients, while our customer reached independence and higher margin.

Applied solutions

  • RouTEL full-scale telephone platform  
  • IBM devices