Full-scale telephone platform

By our telephone system available as dedicated hardware configuration or as a service, we offer a service for our partners that fits the requirements of the 21th century. We provide PacketCable or PacketCable Multimedia DQOS possibilities with MGCP/NCS signalling for Voice services on DOCSIS networks. The platform has SIP protocol support on DOCSIS and G(e)PON networks.

Our extra services: 

  • do not disturb
  • wake-up
  • balance inquiry
  • forwarding (unconditional/engaged/ no answer/ the end-terminal is not accessible)
  • call waiting
  • rejecting (in case of blocking the number from the calling-side)
  • allow/block the call number (CLID)
  • allow/block the call number by calls (controlled by special prefix)
  • call restriction to international, premium price, mobile, home, local directions (by giving user password)
  • voice inquiry of prepaid balance

Our management system  

We provide connection with the ‘Client registry Software for Cable TV Companies’ product of EcoSoftWare company, so with using Ecosoft there is no need for installing new client management software or module.

Our invoicing model  

  • Possibility for classic monthly, or pre-paid services
  • At pre-paid option the limit control is real-time, so the length of the call can be controlled
  • Our pricing structure offers various package options
  • Transferring the priced CDRs is a part of the EcoSoftWare integration. The CDR data contains all the information for producing the detailed invoice.
The DOCSIS provisioning is the part of our frame system

Professional technical background activity  

  • Our telephone system consists hardware elements optimized for high-availability.  
  • 24-hour standby service for removing unexpected situations, and problems.  


The pricing of our service is flexible, pay-as-you-grow model, the advantage of our per user payment system is transparency, and our platform can be expanded by the rate of the growing.